Data Effects - a new name, but we've been around!
2000: developed an online reporting system with remote download of data loggers.
2002: implemented a complete IoT framework that now reports on over 1,200,000 devices world wide.
2004: developed & deployed hi-resolution aerial photography using helium weather balloons
2011: developed the first bluetooth beacon location device
2017: worked with Local Authorities, IASA & Thinxtra/Sigfox to roll-out SA's first IoT network
2019: formed Data Effects to leverage our products using the NB-IoT phone network

About us

We are technology focussed environmental, agricultural, data management and engineering professionals with decades of international experience in the public and private sectors. We passionately believe that data-driven decisions and systems level management have the potential to effect positive economic and environmental outcomes for Australian communities.

Our Company

Data Effects was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between SciOT, Lumient and Gtek to deliver technology and data focussed solutions to the environmental and agricultural sectors. We specialise in complex field data acquisition, development and deployment of real-time (IoT) sensing platforms, cloud data management and geospatial services.

Our People

We are a team of talented and experienced professionals with proven track records delivering complex projects to government & industry. Collectively, we have decades of experience in a diverse range of disciplines including project management, data science, software development, GIS, elecronic engineering, soil science, environmental geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry and geophysics.

Our Strategy

We work with you to help you take control of your data acquisition and data management needs. We provide honest, agnostic advice and promote practicable and scalable technological solutions.

Our Philosophy

We carefully consider the local, national and global environmental ramifications and benefits of every project we choose to undertake. The primary focus of Data Effects is to promote positive social and environmental outcomes for Australian communities.

We were in 'Cloud' 'IoT' 'Big Data' 'Actionable Analytics' 'Machine Learning' 'GIS' before it was a buzzword


Get In Touch

We are located above Rundle Mall in the middle of Adelaide, South Australia. If you want to chat to us then feel free to call, send us a message or drop in to our office.
+61 (8) 8231 9232
L2, 51 Rundle Mall
Adelaide, SA 5000